Difference Between Bridge And Culvert

Bridges are most commonly used by all people to cross any river and also decrease the distance of travelling. Most of bridges build over the road and also under the road to disrupt traffic pressure. Bridges play vital role in crossing a river without any danger. Bridges are most commonly used in urban as well as rural areas.

Culvert on other side uses on road, railroad and also trail; it allows water to flow.  Culverts are made up of pipes and cements. Some people mix the bridge and culvert; some major difference among bridge and culvert are:

Major difference between bridge and culvert:

  • Bridges are made upon roads, railways and other river or lakes. It works for physical movement i.e. movement of cars and vehicles.
  • The main purpose of bride is the flow of load, transportation of vehicles and also for human on foot travelling.
  • A bridge makes above the ground and does not have floor.
  • Bridges are long, wide, straight and linear. They sometimes round in shape.
  • Bridges are60 to 120 meter in length.
  • Construction of bridges are tough, it needs more man power and money.
  • Bridges reduce time and distance among peoples.
  • Heavy vehicles and heavy loads can easily transport through bridge.
  • Bridge requires deep and strong foundation for construction. The foundation must support the entire bridge length and breathe.
  • Culvert is a tunnel or pipe like structure that allow water to flow under the Railway Bridge and roads.
  • Culverts include concrete. It consists of pipes and slabs also use for support of pipes.
  • It builds on height of less than 20 feet for flow of water.
  • Culverts are smaller in size than bridges. Culverts are just 6 meter in length.
  • Culverts do not require deep and strong foundation for construction.
  • Culverts load mostly bear by soil because culverts mostly embedded in soil.
  • Culverts are enclosed and semi-circular and rectangular in shape.
  • Culverts are low budget and require low man power for construction.
  • Water logging, flood and erosion can be prevented by culverts.
  • As compare to bridges culverts are simple in shape and smaller in size.

Bridges and culverts have different roles according to needs. They both are useful: bridges are useful for transportation of vehicles and loads, while culverts allow water to flow under the railways and roads. Entracon Construction Company is leading company among other right civil construction companies. They are expert in bridge and culverts constructions, water treatment, water harvesting.

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