Find The Different Types Of Towbars!

tow bar fitting

Suppose you must get the perfect mobile towbars for your vehicle. In that case, it is important to educate yourself about different sorts of mobile tow bar fitting in sydney that are there before purchase one. You might be feeling that all the towbars are the same. There are almost all three distinct styles of tow bars.

Here are three sorts of mobile towbars.

  • Detachable
  • 2 Bolt Flange ball
  • Swan’s neck

It is the reason that there are three types of towbars which is because everyone has its strengths. Moreover, every tow bar has its disadvantages as well. It primarily depends on all your needs; it can also require a particular towbar because it will most likely be a much fine choice than the other options.

Moreover, sometimes it can also be confusing to decide which one tow bar fitting is right for you. You can choose the easy one to follow.

Here is the basic list of the summary of every kind of tow bar and the pros and cons.

2 Bolt Flange ball:

Cons: Out of every three towbars, the 2-bolt flange ball is the most found fixed tow bar.

Advantages: It has the option for huge cycle carriers and can offer multiple coupling and towing electrics that can easily be accessed.

Cons: all such tow ball and electrics of such a towbar are always visible. Several potentials can have a conflict with the attached parking aide.


The towbar features the one functionality as an only towbars, the ball and neck, which are also fixed by a locking mechanism during towing, and it can be removed in a matter of few seconds after the towing is done.

Advantages: It does not interfere with several vehicle parking aides and offers a more aesthetic look.

Cons In addition to the high price, the style of towbar has a limited cycle with the carrier options and the electrics that can be difficult to access.

Swan’s neck:

While the swan neck might appear like the detachable kind of towbars, it has a permanent fixture.

Advantages: It is the electrics that are less visible that is the 2 Bolt Flange ball towbar

Disadvantages: It is potentially interfering with the parking aides, such sort of tow bar fitting type of towbar has limited cycle carrier options with the tough access electrics.

In such an addition to that there are three sorts of main types of towards, and other accessories you can also consider the purchase like:

Cycle rack:

A cycle rack is used to carry up to four cycles on your vehicles at once.

Universal couplings:

Universal couplings can also offer an assortment of the tow ball of the mounting heights.a